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“I’m inspired to move because of the healing and self-awareness it brings into my life”

Lindsay Sereia (@lindsaysereia) started dancing at age 5. She grew up focusing on jazz and musical theatre dance, then transitioned to contemporary, West African, and Capoeira in college. Her journey in Capoeira led her to Samba, which she now does professionally. She trains Capoeira at Capoeira Batique under Mestre Amen and Contramestre Versatil and samba under Ana Laidley. Lindsay still enjoys dabbling in different movement styles; currently breaking a sweat in a Kpop choreography class.

“QUO feels so secure, it doesn’t even shift when I’m training with fast movement that requires a lot of flexibility. It’s so comfy, I wear it with everything: yoga pants, shorts, my Capoeria uniform.”

Creative Direction/Photography: @hasalexandra
Choreography/Production: @lindsaysereia