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How It Works

It's all in the details We've harnessed the best bits of technical, solution-based design, to create active underwear for women to break a sweat in. 

HYGIENE | Antimicrobial. Moisture wicking. No cotton gusset. While cotton is great for low-impact activities, it just doesn't cut it when it comes to breaking a sweat. Did you know that 90% of everyday underwear is lined with a cotton gusset that can trap moisture and breed bacteria? Most women either workout commando or wear their everyday underwear. QUO is designed with a unique nylon-spandex fabric that's packed with antimicrobial properties. It serves as a protective barrier, repelling harmful moisture away from your skin and keeping you dry where it matters most. 

PERFORMANCE | Seamless band. No rolling, no shifting. There's nothing more distracting during a workout than constantly having to readjust what you're wearing. QUO's wide, seamless band lays flat on your skin and stays in place even during the most intense workouts. You can move freely, your underwear won't.

COMFORT | Lightweight. 4-way stretch.  To us, comfort is just as important as performance. QUO is designed with a lightweight, stretchy fabric that feels like air. No more distractions.