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workout underwear

workout underwearworkout underwear

workout underwear

"Dance has always been a way of life for me. I love feeling the energy that you create from within, the way it resonates out from your body, and the focus of the mind working together with your body."

Sky Fung (@jskyf) has been an athlete and performer for 30 years. She started with track and field at six years old, then began performing Chinese cultural dance/lion dance/Kung Fu at ten years old. She's trained in various cultural dance styles (Polynesian, Afro-Carribean, Samba, Asian), hip-hop/urban street (waacking, locking, popping, vogue, dancehall). She incorporates the skills and style into her main profession as creature/cirque/puppet character performance. Recreationally, Sky has been surfing for over 5 years. Her home break in Diamond Head, Oahu brings her to a state of utmost peace and serenity.

"QUO feels amazing. It's breathable, snug and barely noticeable. It's also comforting to know that they're better for your hygienic health than your other athletic day to day wear."

Creative Direction/Photography: @hasalexandra
Production: @lindsaysereia
Choreography: @jskyf